Render Networks and Decon Technologies respond to nbn Co’s call for innovation

As nbn Co closes in on its goal of delivering high-speed broadband to 8.1 million Australian premises, Render Networks and Decon Technologies have formed a strategic partnership to ensure the final stages of the complex, large-scale Fiber To The Curb (FTTC) rollout are delivered with industry leading technology to de-risk and vastly improve construction durations and cost.

Dan Flemming (1)

Q&A: Render's mission to innovate the way fiber networks are deployed

Dan Flemming, Co-Founder of  Render Networks, is fulfilling a mission to digitize and de-risk infrastructure projects and truly innovate the way businesses deploy fiber networks.In this interview, Dan explores how a response to NBN’s challenge of building fiber networks efficiently has resulted in the global launch of Render’s innovative work management software for large-scale geospatial projects.

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Innovative Project Management For Network Owners and Primes

Many factors come into play when Owners and Primes determine the delivery models to be used for the deployment of infrastructure networks: